Luxury Essentialism, The combination of clothing that is high end & essential to the everyday person to wear, these two elements are vital for our brand identity which allows our customers to have high quality products at affordable prices. Within our atelier the team endeavour with pride & passion to create unique fits, styles & branding that you will not find elsewhere, including constructive ways of incorporating unique patterns into our garments that defy the norm.
VERSAILLES is a vision that started way back in 2018 but was a work in progress up until eventually launching in 2022, our owner having worked in the fashion industry as a model & taking influence from brands from all over the world & having first hand experience of physically wearing and trying different styles/materials, was able to incorporate that knowledge over time into the brand & establish a natural progression into all aspects of making the brand what it is today, an ecletic taste in styling & materials which gives our community the best possible product with no compromise.